Uncover Magnificent Ariel Birthday Cake Ideas

Have you ever heard the name of princess Ariel? Well who doesn’t know! No doubt, The Little Mermaid was a great Disney movie that has various good moral lessons. This is one the main reasons why many girls consider the option of Ariel Birthday Cake that can make your kid’s birthday party the most memorable. Certainly, your daughter will be thrilled with her cake featuring Ariel.

51YnlnC-emL._SL500_AA300_There are several bakeries available online that make professional Ariel cakes and your kids will be quite pleased with them. For your Ariel party, there are several different ways of making a cake, here as under:

  •  Cupcakes: If you want to have some Ariel cupcakes, print out the photos of various characters from ‘The Little Mermaid’ or you can print out a picture of Ariel, cut it out and paste each one to a toothpick. Isn’t it wonderful!
  •   Image Cake: For an Ariel birthday party, you can use a printed picture as a show for the image and then place it on the unfrozen cake. Further on, after removing the picture, fill it with the apt colors of decorating gel or icing.
  • Ariel Shaped Cake: Shaped like princess Ariel, there are various retailers selling cake pans and so you can easily bake any kind of cake in this pan, decorate it with colored icing consisting blue for her eyes and red for hair.

Readers! What are you thinking about? Find some more ideas online and get yourself ready to throw a perfect party for your little daughter. You and your family will cherish these special memories for a lifetime!


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