Little Mermaid Birthday Ideas: Add Fun and Joy to your Angel’s Birthday

The birthday of your little princess is about to come and you are hunting here and there to make the day special as never before. A celebration is complete only when each and every tiny little tot enjoys the party. So basically it’s about creating such a bash that goes with the fun-loving nature of kids.

Unlike those decent adult gatherings or family get-togethers, children parties should have that charm and joyful environment so that every kid enjoys in high-spirits. Planning a theme based on some popular cartoon such as The Little Mermaid could be a great idea as almost every child loves the adventurous tale of Ariel.

So when you are starting with little mermaid birthday ideas, make sure you have prepared a list of arrangements starting with the décor till the eatables; most importantly the birthday cake. Adding fun ideas using your own imagination can be the best way to give some incredible moments to your angel.

kids birthday ideas

For decorations, getting a table covering that has the mermaid printed on it would be perfect for centre table where cake is to be placed. Seeing the pictures of mermaid and her friends, children would feel as if they are celebrating altogether with the cartoon characters which would surely fill them with utmost delight.

Embracing the table with satin ribbons in green color would give an outlook of sea plants. Adding a statue of Ariel sitting on the table would make your daughter feel as if Ariel has come herself to greet on her birthday. Blue walls, hanging swirls, flowers and other fixtures that resembles with sea-life would create a completely under water feel.

When it comes to supplies for eatables, you can buy dinner plates, paper cups, desert dishes, napkins etc. with mermaid prints. The most important part of a birthday is of course the birthday cake itself. So why not to make it interesting enough so as to amaze everyone?

Adding exciting toppers with different characters of the cartoon such as Ursula, Sebastian, Prince Eric etc. will do the magic. To thank all the little guests for their participation, you can present attractive favors such as toys, handbags, stickers, flowers etc. Especially girls would be happy to have those princess hair brushes and pearl necklaces.

You can explore Internet to get more ideas so as to make the party a funny and yummy one. Surely, your daughter would have her best birthday ever.